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Baptism gifts

Jesus Baptism

The role of the godparent

Parents need to choose Godparents who will play a major role in the child's life. They promise to help the child grow in the Christian faith and support the parents. Their role is also to accompany their godchild throughout his life. They establish a special relationship and maintain it with small gifts but above all regular contacts that create closeness that helps the child to grow.

The gifts offered during this ceremony are traditionally chain bracelets, medallions, chains, lockets, crucifixes, etc. all these objects, which the child keeps throughout his life, will remind him at all times of his belonging to the Christian community. It is therefore important to choose them well.

Baptism ceremony

Baptism symbolises the parents commitment to raise their children according to the Christian way of life. This sacrament of faith is a moment when they are invited to think about their motivation. Each ritual has a special significance:

  • The entrance into the church celebrates the admission into the Christian community;
  • The sign of the cross on the child's forehead is the sign of Christ;
  • Water poured on the forehead is the symbol of purification;
  • The white garment is the sign of the grace of Baptism;
  • Unction with holy oil brings the child close to the Spirit of God;
  • The burning of the candle provides the light of the Gospel.

During the ceremony, the priest not only blesses the child and parents but also all the objects related to worship like the gifts made by parents, godparents, family and friends are also blessed, thus recalling the presence of God amongst Men.

During the sacrament, the child is marked by the sign of the cross firstly by the priest and then by the parents and godparents. Standing next to the font, they promise to fight against evil and proclaim their faith. The priest pours holy water on the child's forehead saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit", then comes unction with the holy oil.

Finally the priest gives the godparents the Baptismal Candle lit from the paschal candle so that they may transmit the light of Christ to their godchild. The ceremony ends at the altar where the parents and godparents sign the register and Catholic family book in presence of the priest.

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