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The baptism ritual

During the baptism ceremony, the parents and godparents are invited to confirm their choice through a series of ritual questions.

The different stages of the Renunciation of evil and sin, the Declaration of Faith, the act of Baptism, unction with the holy Chrestomathy, the lit Candle and the Blessing at the end of the ceremony are all means of affirming their faith in Jesus Christ.

Dear Parents and Godparents, the children you present will receive the holy sacrament of baptism. In his love, God will give them a new life. They will be reborn of water and the Holy Spirit.

With the concern to see them grow in the Faith so that this divine life may not be weakened by indifference and sin, but may develop in them day by day.

And therefore, if you are prepared to take this responsibility and if you are guided by the faith, by recalling your own baptism, reject any attachment to sin and declare your faith in Jesus Christ, declare your faith in the Church in which all children are baptised.

After the blessing, the congregation sings a hymn expressing paschal joy and the action of grace. This song may by the Virgin's Song or the Magnificat. Traditionally, a meal bringing together the Family and loved ones is shared to celebrate the arrival of the newly baptised child into the Christian community.

A few prayer intentions

For children
These children have been marked by the sign of the cross, so that they may be faithful to Christ, throughout their life, let us pray.
For the children's family
They will grow as living members of the Church, so that they may be supported by the Word and the example of their parents and godparents, let us pray.
For all Christians
So that all baptised children, forming one body in Christ, live in the same faith and the same charity, let us pray.
For the mission of baptised children in the world
So that all the disciples of Christ, united in the Church, may testify to the love of God for the world, let us pray.

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